A Community of Interest working together to identify potential collaboration opportunities for blockchain in life science R&D that will deliver clear ROI whilst eliminating those areas that will provide little value to the industry

Project deliverables

The Pistoia Alliance ’s blockchain initiatives are designed to explore areas in the Life Sciences R&D space where blockchain could lead to meaningful innovation

Why is this important?

Blockchain holds potential for innovation, yet it is critical that applications of blockchain are grounded in challenges directly impacting Life Sciences R&D. That is why the Pistoia Alliance has prioritized education as a necessary precursor to assessing use cases and developing proof of concepts.

What will the project achieve?

The Pistoia Alliance’s blockchain efforts have been designed to guide members through a methodology for identifying blockchain use cases, analyzing their viability and assessing their potential for impact. Several possible use cases have already emerged which could be taken to a proof of concept stage.

How will the project do this?

Since 2017, the Pistoia Alliance has been educating its members on blockchain technology while simultaneously identifying areas within Life Sciences R&D which are ripe for innovation. The Blockchain Use Case Workshop on March 12th, 2019 in London capitalized on these previous efforts and resulted in the analysis and selection of several promising blockchain use cases.